Parking Enforcement Solutions

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    Traffic officers

    Mobile LPR Enforcement

  • Apps for traffic officers/attendees

  • Thunder mode - fast payment check

  • Tickets for parking and violations

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    Cars and scooters

    Vehicle LPR Enforcement

  • Cameras for cars and scooters

  • Automated parking & violation tickets

  • Vehicle independent - easy mounting

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    Street cameras

    Fixed LPR Enforcement

  • 24/7 nonstop - violation and parking detection

  • Towing service alerts and tickets

  • Penalty issuing to vehicle owners

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    The brain of enforcement

    Powerful engine for every client

Parker HUB

The brain of parking enforcement

You are worried about changing your existing workflow?

You don’t need complete solution, only parts of Enforcement is what you need?

No problem, Parker HUB is exactly the place where we connect any solution or any other integrator to powerful engine which is the brain of Parking enforcement solutions.

Ticket lake

Parking settings

Company RI-ING NET

RI-ING NET is an IT company specializing in building solutions for rugged mobile devices, mobile applications for smartphones, desktop applications, web applications. Products we design help resolving issues which cities are facing every day in many segments such as: parking enforcement, maintenance of roads, buildings and urban infrastructure, ecology and waste disposal, etc.

Our solutions optimize the workflow of our users by creating links between internal departments, connecting our users to other companies and subcontractors, establishing mobile communication with citizens… All in all we are creating smart city solutions that are also integrated with video surveillance systems, finance applications, document management solutions, etc.

  • 13 YEARS

    of expirience in creating solutions for parking enforcement.


    are using our solutions for parking enforcement.


    for region and language make our solutions work anywhere.


    parking enforcement help our clients boost their revenue.


    makes us connected to different apps and platforms.


    is the way we make highly scalable and configurable solutions.


RI-ING NET d.o.o. | OIB: 18259544697 | VAT ID: HR18259544697 | IBAN: HR5924020061100631970 | Tel: 051 341 523

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